Tuesday, 6 July 2010


/ 15x21cm / linocut / 2010

This small graphic is a mixture of the traditionally used forms around many Pacific Islands. It refers to my memories of the whale-watch experience in Kaikoura (New Zealand) too. The geometrical patterns mean the mountains, water and seaweeds in my interpretation.


15x21cm / linocut / 2010

“In Māori tradition, the morepork or ruru was often seen as a watchful guardian. As a bird of the night, it was associated with the spirit world.” In New Zealand, especially in Northland the owl guardians are known as Hine-Ruru. “This bird has the power to protect, warn and advise.” –says Margaret Obrien in the book of Maori Myths and Legnds.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tongan Passage
2010 / 21x29,7 cm / linocut

The canoe in the middle contains some of the authentic Tongan symbols. I noticed that most of the carvers try to fill out the empty space with patterns. The result is a very finely detailed structured object. This print represents my impression of the daily life of the Tongans, how they went fishing, how the canoe glided across the water. Around the canoe the motifs
symbolise the marks of paddles as they disturb the surface of
the water.

21x29,7 cm / linocut / 2010

I have always been fascinated by the turtle. The turtle represents wisdom and long life to me. Every single movement of these reptile are wonderful. I wanted to show it under water, swimming carefree. This is pure freedom. The sea turtle is also used as a symbol of the marine environment and environmentalism.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

50x70 cm
Screen-print, 2009

This graphic is a fusion of Maori and my art. I have used the net raster in my previous graphics and glass objects too. This piece was especially inspired by a Maori pataka which I have seen in the Auckland Museum. This is an important image from the maori mythology. The union of male and female figures depicts the Sky Father (Rangi) and the Earth Mother (Papa). I would like the spectator to look this graphic as it is a loving couple with a global and understandably interpretation of love and unity. This graphic pays tribute to Maori art and pure love.



Screen-print, 2009

Screen-print, 2008

screen-print, 2008